The perfect panel ensures perfect packaging

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Choosing your control panel


Customize your packaging process by choosing the control panel that meets all your requirements. dafabet offers offers 4 different control panels, each with its own standard features and options. 

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Advanced Control System
Available on multiple series


The dafabet offers Advanced Control System is the future of control. It includes unique features, special options and intelligent functions that enable you to fully optimize your packaging operations. It is standard on the Lynx and Titaan series and optional on Boxer, Toucan, Marlin, Falcon and Polar models. 

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VacAssist app free available


bwt-3-way-tap,dafabet offers's Touch control is standard equipped with Sensor control and a Bluetooth connection. Basic functionality, such as vacuum percentage and seal time, can be programmed on the machine. To be in control of all other options and functions, use the VacAssist app, available for free in the App Store and Google Play Store. 

basketball-nba-kevin-durant Only available on Neo models
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Standard with Time control


dafabet offers's 10 program panel is standard equipped with Time control and a 10 program memory. It's standard on the Boxer, Toucan, Marlin, Falcon, Atmoz and Polar series. 

Possible options| Sensor control and Liquid control 

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1 program panel
Standard with Time control


dafabet offers's 1 program panel is standard equipped with Time control and a 1 program memory. The perfect panel for basic packaging.   

Only available on Jumbo models
Choosing the right panel for your packaging needs?


volleyball-rules-in-serving,Please contact us in case you need advice or support when choosing the right control system and control panel to meet your specific packaging requirements.

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